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Reflecting 2 years after conception

This project was a logistical nightmare, but I learned much about planning a project of this scale, especially on a tight deadline! My project partner and I only had 42 days to pull this project together between the two of us, which meant a lot of late nights! I'm grateful I got to create this, even if the experience wasn't so fun.


To create a film title for a documentary film by using it to define a memorable look for these films that are set to hit theaters in 2021 and 2022.


Creative Direction/Design+Animation/Editing

​The personal goals for this project are learning objectives such as: world/environment creation, system building, and compositing.


It was fun to think about and conceptualize how this documentary could hit people's screens, plus we wanted to make sure our direction was air-tight and would look good across any device!

Apple TV Mockup.png


Audio played a massive role in the production of this piece. We spent eight hours alongside Kelly Warner, who was responsible for creating our soundscape.

Textural elements were essential when approaching this project, and we also had to consider a balance between instruments.



Scene Building


Material Work

We were perhaps overly ambitious in what we wanted to accomplish over only six weeks, but we were adamant about pushing as much fidelity as possible. 

To achieve this, I had to build out some scatter systems within Cinema 4D capable of pushing density but could also not slow the program down to a crawl. Our initial system using Octane Scatter broke when we tried to send our projects to the RNDR Cloud, so I needed to figure out an alternative. Thankfully I managed to pull together a flexible system just 24 hours before the project deadline!


Gabe Nadel - Direction, Design+Animation, Editing

Amanda Godreau - Direction, Storyboards, Design

Kelly Warner - Souind Design, Soundtrack

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