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An AR Christmas Tree Ornament for Jewish-Christian Families.


Use AR to create a holiday ornament for Hallmark. The goal is to bring the holiday to life through the means of AR thereby elevating the experience.

Hallmark AR Project


While a Star of David on top of a christmas
tree might seem ironic to some, to others its
a joyous unification of two religious holidays
that fall at a similar time.

This is a strong addition to the
Hallmark brand due to the somewhat
striking lack of Jewish representation
displayed in ornaments found at stores.


who it for

This is for families of mixed religious beliefs
that may or may not already have a physical
Star of David on their tree. This is an
exciting and new way to display the star.


how it do

A string attatched to a platform would be the ideal landing for the AR Ornament. The animation takes place in 3D space and loops.

Spark AR is the platform of choice here, as it's flexible and accepts outside 3D files easily.

A golden star of David surrounded by Hannukah candles. Each night or time the filter is used another candle is added, slowly illuminating the star as the candles dance around it. The candles will stay lit afterward to signify how long the candles burned for on such a small amount of fuel.

An exploration of the form of the star. The star is traditionally made up of two equilateral triangles intersecting, and since the ornament will occupy 3D space... it'd be interesting to see how these parts interlock and combine to form the final shape.


A unification of Christianity and Judaism. While some with hate in their hearts might disagree, these two religions are quite similar. The stories are much the same, the only differences being cultural. It'd be interesting to see the star cradling the newer light of Christianity, acknowledging its origins while still respecting the symbol.


early pitch

older stuff :)

Deceased frames
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