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Brand language

Vice Editorial Illustration


Create 3 editorial illustrations that show a consistent 
design language that can be utilized for other articles 
after the fact.


Flexible Red, White, Blue, color scheme. Typography is a must and takes a back seat to main object. Four letter words are preferred but not mandatory. Main object must be article relevant, relating to most if not all of the title and article.


Biden promised to do something about the nations
overdose problem, so why doesn’t he?

The Metaverse Has Always Been a Dystopian Idea

Facebook Can't Be Saved

ium scraimg.png


Creating a graphic style in 3D was an important goal for me to accomplish with this project. It's not a design approach I'm usually used to creating with, but it's something I felt like I need to learn.

One of the challenges I ran into with this project was just how complex the process of breaking down a title into a visual concept is. Concept development is something I've always wanted to get stronger at and I feel as if this project has been providing me with the opportunity to do so.

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